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Make the World a Better Place.

Make the World a Better Place.

George H. W. Bush lies in state

Regardless of your political affiliation, it would be hard to argue that President George H. W. Bush, or 41 as he was called, was not an amazing example of goodness, kindness, and love.  As we watch his funeral and those who loved and honor him, I am changed and touched by how he lived his life and how he touched others, all with a true selflessness lead by his faith and his love and devotion to his God, family, friends, and country.

In our current world and country full of so much cynicism, violence, political distrust, terrorism, and hate, we are reminded of a generation of people who were raised during different days.  They were raised to treat well and respect others, to find the goodness where there was doubt, to reach out to help others instead of turning away from them, and to choose a path of humbleness and graciousness instead of one of creating animosity and uproar.  There were no video games that encouraged interactive violence, politicians worked then to compromise and achieve instead of dividing and destroying and losing the trust of the people they serve. There were no school shootings, no social media that was used to bully and criticize while hiding incognito behind harsh words on a screen.  Guns have always existed but they were not used in the violent types of acts that have sadly become too commonplace today.

The world during that generation was certainly not a perfect one, but our country was different then.  It was kinder and gentler.  And so George H. W. Bush reminds us how just one man who, by example, lived his life humbly offering words of wisdom, love, devotion, dedication, and who living by a simple rule of goodness, could impact so many.  How different would our country and possibly the world be, if all of us lived such an honorable life?

One man can make a difference.  Thank you President George H.W. Bush for reminding us of this simple fact.  Let's all aspire to walk his path and make the world a better place.

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