Our Story

The Waterfront Artist is the brand of Deborah Pabodie Schisler who for the last 25 years has provided graphic design and web development services through her company, Pabodie Design Studios.  She is passionate about design and is now including wall art, clothing, and accessories through the Waterfront Artist venue.   Water and shoreline designs that encompass the beauty of our waterways, foliage, shorelines, and their wildlife, are the basis for our clothing and accessory designs. 

Our Wall Art is dedicated to images with structures, animals, and objects  found on or around our bountiful bodies of water.  We specialize in editing photos and  details using HDR and other image editing techniques with the goal being to present the final photo in an enhanced state that is finer than the original, and that enhances the photographic objects.  We hope you enjoy the final result of our Waterfront Artist  products.  They are made with all the love and respect our gifts of nature deserve. 

The Inspirational print series is a collection of touching and inspirational images and Waterfront Artist personal quotes designed to hang in your office or home.  

Waterfront Artist is a Division of Pabodie, LLC and all images contained within this site are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced in any fashion without the knowledge and written permission of Waterfront Artist and Pabodie, LLC.